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Leveraged Buyout, Non-Competition Agreement, Real Rate of Return, and Really Simple Syndication – hover over today’s Glossary terms to learn their meaning. Latest Posts: Business Transition Advice: Does It Always Start In The Right Place?, and Bank of Canada GDP forecasts – What should business owners do? Latest Video: Our Website Content & Navigation Tutorial – see link immediately below left. Today’s Filtered and Curated News: No curated news today. Yesterday’s Filtered and Curated News: No Curated News Yesterday. Read Business Owners and Advisors: About Our Business Transition and Valuation Review Newsletter to learn about it.

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We offer business owners and advisors overview (1) strategic family business transition planning advice, and (2) business valuation advice with respect to value, strategy and likely dispute outcomes. Visit Counseling.


We offer family business transition planning seminars to business family members and their advisors where we review and discuss the 50 Hurdles to successful transition and how they can be overcome. Visit Speaking.