Our objective is to provide business owners and their advisors with superior family business transition planning and related business valuation internet content. To that end we offer the following “Learning Forums”, each of which is continually updated with new content relevant to business transition, valuation, or both:

Curated News

Business Transition

Each day we review hundreds of articles relevant to business transition and valuation. These come from over 50 world news sources. We typically curate and post 3-6 of them to our Curated News webpages. We archive those we think are not time sensitive.

Business Transition Resources

Our video and audio tutorials address important business transition and valuation principles and concepts. Typically 3-5 minutes long, they do that in an uncomplicated manner. Our MP3s enable you to listen to our posts on a convenient electronic device.

Our Posts

Business Transition Q&A

Our posts and expert Q&A discuss business transition and valuation issues business owners and their advisors need to know about.
Glossary of Terms

Business Transition

Our interactive glossary includes 100’s of definitions of terms business transition planning, business valuation, economics and financial markets – each  relevant to business transition. Glossary terms are highlighted in our content where scrolling enables immediate access.