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Our free Business Transition and Valuation Review newsletter

We publish our free Business Transition and Valuation Review newsletter every other week. We published the first two issues on March 23rd and 29th. Our newsletter is intended to get our relevant transition messaging to business owners and their advisors in a convenient way.

Subscribers open our Newsletter emails at a very high rate

Constant Contact, our email provider, tells us the average opening percentage for emailed newsletters is about 18%. 41% of those who received our first newsletter opened it. 45% of those who received our second newsletter opened it.

Subscriber survey

We find these very high open rates encouraging, and look forward to see if we can improve on them as we build our subscriber list. Further to that objective we recently sent subscriber survey to those who currently receive our newsletter. This post summarizes the results of that survey. Thank you to those who took time out of their busy schedules to respond.

Subscriber survey results

Here are the seven questions we asked in our subscriber survey, and a summary of the responses we received.

Question 1: You have received up to two Newsletters from us in the past ten days. How many have you opened?

27% of respondents told us they had opened one of our two newsletters. 67% told us they had opened both of our first two newsletters. 6% told us they had not as yet opened one of our newsletters.

Question 2: It is early days, but from what I have seen so far as Business Transition & Valuation newsletters go:

Of those respondents who had opened our newsletters, 8% said our newsletter might be the best they had ever seen, 69% said our content is “above average”, and 22% said our content is “average”.

Question #3: How valuable do you find our newsletter content so far?

Of those respondents who had opened our newsletters, 31% said our newsletter content is extremely valuable. 69% said our content is valuable.

Question #4: Are there one or more Business Transition and/or Business Valuation topics that you would like to see addressed in our newsletter?

80% of respondents provided us with topics they would like to see addressed. We will address all of those topics in future newsletters.

Question #5: We are thinking of adding a separate webpage to our website and including a link to that
webpage in each Newsletter. That would mean one click would allow you to
read our entire newsletter content in one place.

87% of respondents told us having one link to all newsletter content was a good idea. That webpage is being programmed, and we expect to have it in place when we publish our next newsletter on April 26.

Question #6: What is your preferred Newsletter frequency?

The two popular choices among respondents were once very two weeks, and once each month. Because we generate a significant amount of new content each week we have decided for the time being to produce a newsletter every second week.

Question #7: We believe that the more we know about our readers, the more valuable we can make our newsletter for them.

It is unlikely to come as a surprise that all respondents were either a business owner, an advisor to business owners, or both.

Further subscriber surveys

Reader feedback is invaluable. We will periodically survey our readership, but likely will not send a subscriber survey more than twice each year. If at any time you have comments to make on how we can make our newsletter more valuable to you, please email your suggestions to


If you are a business owner or advisor to business owners and are not a subscriber to our free Business Transition & Valuation Review newsletter we invite you to become one. Click here to subscribe. It will take you less than 60 seconds to do that.